C5 PvE Rattlesnake User Manual

Flying a Rattlesnake in C5 sites, such as Data sites, is not the easiest form of PvE in the game. A single mistake can mean losing your ship, so let’s go over the basics to try and prevent that from happening!

Here we have the “tank” setup. It can tank a huge amount of incoming damage, and since the Sleepers can easily deal over 2200 DPS, all the faction/Deadspace modules are required. This is the setup you should have when you warp into any site with sleepers in a C5, or if you are the primary target of the sleepers. Again, do not skimp on the faction tank modules.

Now for the “DPS” setup. You can’t run your shield booster permanently like this without running into cap problems, so you will often leave a few Capacitor Flux Coils in the low slots, as well as the damage control, if needed. ALWAYS fit back to the tanking setup before a new wave spawns, and slowly refit more damage modules as you see fit. 

Here we have an example of what you should have in your cargo hold. Since this fit depends on your ability to refit your modules during combat, you should always start any site by launching your mobile depot, and scoop it right before you warp off. It is, quite possibly, the most important element of the fit. If you launch it, and it is fully anchored, you can put your modules in there to avoid losing them in case you are killed. It has a reinforcement timer, so your modules are safe, as long as you have a way to pick them up later.

Other utility modules:

Cloak – In case you need to go afk, or simply wait for something in general, you can fly to a safe spot and cloak. That way, you will not need to reduce the mass of the wormhole.
Micro Jump Drive – Since warp disruptors do not disable your MJD or MWD, you can use this to get away if needed.
Warp Core Stabilizers – In case you need to warp out of the site at some point – you will be heavily tackled at all times during the site, so these are required to warp out, if needed.

Even though this fit works solo, it is best to use it with a few other people. In many combat sites in C5 space, you simply can’t deal enough damage by yourself without sacrificing all your tank, and since many Sleepers have Remote Repair abilities, you will sometimes not be able to kill them at all.


Fleet Formation: 

Since this fit relies on a mobile depot, the fleet can’t warp in as a group. 10km is a good distance to keep between each rattlesnake, to ensure that everyone can launch their mobile depot. The first one to warp in should also be the one to launch the mobile tractor unit, out of convenience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Fly safe o/

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