Planetary Interaction Set Up Guide1 (社員向け)

*Note from translator: To comprehend more details about Planet Interaction, plz access to an article from UNIWIKI (English only) and read it. (extremely recommended)

①Required skills
・Essential skills
Remote Sensing lv.3
Command Center Upgrades lv.4
Interplanetary Consolidation lv.4
Planetology lv.3 
Gallente Industrial lv.1 (lv.3 is recommended at least)

・Optimal skills
Advanced Planetology

②Summary of the PI plan in this WH
To earn be rich in our Wormhole you have to produce following two products: “Enriched Uranium” and “Coolant”.
To make those two products, You have to cultivate 5 planets. 4 is for extracting resources (called as R0) and processing them to Tier 1 products (called as P1) and last one is for processing P1 into Tier 2 products (called as P2).

Specifically, You extract those 4 R0s and process into P1s in each 4 planets as following the table below .

Planet R0 P1
Ice Heavy Metals Toxic Metals
Barren Noble Netals Precious Metals
Gas Ionic Splutions Electrolytes
Storm Aqueous Liquids Water

And you’d process these 4 P1s into 2 P2s : “Enriched Uranium” and “Coolant” on another Barren Planet.

③Installing facilities for producing P1s on the 4 planets.

STEP1 Deciding places to construct Command Centers.

Select R0s you want to extract from the Scan tab.

Survey where the much R0s is reserved.

STEP2 Constructing/Upgrading Command Centers.

As long as you have command centers in your ship’s cargo hold, you can construct command centers from any where in the space w/o inside of  stations. So put your command centers into cargo hold of the Industrial ship and dock out from our Astrahus.
Next, construct your command center on the planet close to reserve point. 

Click your command center and also click the middle left icon.
Now you can upgrade your command center.
Upgrade it to maximum level as you can.

Press a “Submit” button.
*note: in any scene involved in PI, you have to press “submit” button to establish your decisions.

STEP3 Construct and link your facilities.

Construct extractor control units.

Construct and link basic processors same as shown.
You can link facilities easily with holding down Ctrl key.
You have to upgrade a link between extractor control units and Storage facilities because much R0s can be extracted.

*Note: Generally you sholud construct up to 6 facilities. 7 or more basic facilities is unnecessary.

STEP4 Setting about extractor control units.

Click your extractor control units and press leftmost button.  

And this window is shown. Now you should follow three steps below.
1st step. Click the icon of R0s you want to extract.(ex: heavy metals in an Ice planet)
2nd step. Click all “extractor heads”.
3rd step. Change the sizes of extractor heads to 10 hours.

Looks like this.
Next, look at your planetary map.
You can move extractor heads to any points.
Move heads to reserved point.

After moving all heads, press”install programs” button. Of course you should press “Submit” button to establish your decision.
Next you have to transport R0s from Storage facility to basic proseccers. 
Click the button 2nd from most left Extractor control units.

This menu is shown.
Select R0s and click “make route” button.
Select Storage facility as destination by clicking it on the planetary map.

Set to transport all R0s and submit.
Setting on extractor is finished.


STEP5 Settings about processors.
Select processors and click the leftmost button.

Select P1s corresponded to each R0s.
Next, you have to make route.

Select P1s and press “make route” button.

Select launchpad on the map as destination. 
Confirm and click “make route” button.
You have to do this process against all processors.

STEP6 Setting about storage facility.
You have to transport R0s reserved in the storage facilities to each processors.
*Note: This can be done when R0s are in the Storage facility. Please wait if no R0s are in the storages. 

Select storage facility and click leftmost icon.

Select R0s and click “Make route” button.
Set processors as destination.

Confirm and press “Make route” button. 
Do same things for each facilities.

Part.1 is finished.
Next steps is in Part.2,

All producted P1s are transported to launchpad automatically.
Launch P1s to custom offices per 3-4days.

Best regards.
Writer: rin kagam
Translator: Katana Masen