Corporation purchase

This article is internal notification.

 Our corporation now started purchase of stuff acquired in the WH-Space.
I will explain you how to use this system bellow.

How to
1st step. Get in touch with the player, “rin kagam” in game chat or with discord when you want to sell stuff.
2nd step. Put your stuff into the container named “want to sell” installed in the public hanger of Astrahus.
3rd step. rin kagam pays you.

 Items acquired in mining
  Ores (seen in high-sec): 108% of est.price
  Ores (seen in null-sec): currently 110% of est.price
  Gas: along to the price of buy order in Jita 4-4

 Items acquired in ratting
  Date library: 98% of est.price
  Salvaged stuff: Along to the price of buy order in Jita 4-4

 PI products: average price in Jita 4-4
 Other stuff: Along to the price of buy order in Jita 4-4


Additional information
*Needless to say you can transport and sell stuff on your own in the market. You can get more profits with your superior trading skills.
*Purchase price is reconsidered on a routine basis. Feel free to tell rin kagam if you have any complaint about price.


Q. Why purchase prices are expensive than est.price?
A. Purchase price of Ores are based on minerals acquired when they are refined. We refine Ores bought from you and sell them in the market as minerals.

Q. Why price of other stuff is based on buy orders not sell orders?
A. profit margins are used for employment cost of transporters and traders, upkeep costs of POS, corporation equipages and so on.